The Big O Ginger Liqueur

The Big O Ginger LiqueurThe cocktail scene has recently been treated to a versatile new
hand-crafted liqueur that is gaining serious attention. And Bill
Foster and Kathy (Kup) Kuper, makers of the Big O, are behind
the effort.

The Big O is a 30-proof ginger liqueur that was originally concocted
in the couple’s home kitchen more than nine years ago. They started
out making quart batches for special occasions – but soon family and
friends started asking for “that ginger liqueur you make.”

“Necessity was truly the mother of invention in our case,” said Bill.
“We found ourselves in mid-life and suddenly needed to find a way
to make a living. We thought if we could combine our passion for
good food and great cocktails with fun, we’d have a winner.

The Big O seemed to be the perfect combination.”
Small batches and hand-crafting preserve the “artisan” nature of the
product. “We use only natural ingredients to ensure the right flavor.
Making it in small batches allows us to watch it to make sure every
ingredient has a presence but one doesn’t overpower the others.
It has to be just right or we won’t release it,” Bill said.

“Bartenders are coming up with amazing combinations.” What does
it mix with? “Apparently everything,” Kup said. “From champagne
to a good wheat beer and anything in between. We’ve tasted cocktails
made with rum, rye whiskey, gin, flavored vodkas, Riesling, Cognac,
Campari, and absinthe. It also goes well with fruit juices, coffee and
tea, and warm apple cider. And it’s great for cooking. Bill makes an
apple pie that’s absolutely delicious.”