Ozark Mountain Sodas

Ozark Mountain Bottleworks is a family-owned beverage company headquartered in Branson, Missouri. Each Ozark Mountain Bottleworks flavor is our own unique recipe created with only the finest ingredients.

Ozark Mountain Lemonade

Ozark Mountain Lemonade is a unique flavor modeled after great tasting summertime pink lemonade. This flavor brings together the sweetness of lemonade with a touch of lemon-lime soda.

Ozark Mountain Cream

OZMB’s Cream soda is a throwback to the way cream soda used to be. Its rich cream flavor and distinctive red color sets it apart from other cream sodas.

Root Beer

Our Root Beer is handcrafted with 100% pure cane sugar. It is designed to highlight the classic flavors of Root Beer and Sarsaparilla to create a unique taste unlike anything else on the market.

Grape Pop

Our Grape Pop flavor is OZMB’s version of an old-fashioned grape soda. Its grape gum taste gives it a unique burst of flavor while staying true to its nostalgic roots.

Orange Cream

OZMB’s Orange Cream flavor is great as in ice cream float or as a refreshing drink. The orange and cream flavors work together to create a smooth and lasting taste that you’ll crave again and again.