Missouri Moonshine

Crown Valley Missouri MoonshineMissouri Moonshine Malt Whiskey

Crown Valley Distilling has produced a cuttingly fragrant; double distilled, malt whiskey. Similar to whiskey produced by bootleggers during prohibition using sugar water and corn feed, but with a twist of elegance, our spirit is made from a blend of rye and barley, rendering a uniquely raw and chewy sweetness.  Our malt whiskey is certain to appeal to the sophisticated connoisseur.

100 PROOF | 50% ALC/VOL | 750 ML


Missouri Moonshine Peachie Cream Malt Whiskey

The nose of Peachie Cream is sweet with a smooth, creamy taste at the end.  This distilled spirit has a great combination of sweet Missouri peaches from Bader Farms in Campbell, MO mixed with a rich cream.  A perfect drink for front porch sippin’.

90 PROOF | 45% ALC/VOL | 750 ML

Missouri Moonshine Elderberry Malt Whiskey

This spirit is distilled from malts with natural flavor.  The nose of our Elderberry Whiskey is sweet with a tart taste.  A great malt whiskey that compares to Grandma’s  delicious elderberry pie, just with a lil’ kick.

90 PROOF | 45% ALC/VOL | 750 ML