Kirkwood Station

Kirkwood StationBlackberry Wheat

A uniquely light and refreshing fruit beer with a crisp clean flavor. It is an easy drinking, slightly sweet beer with a blackberry flavor that is distinct, yet not overpowering.

ABV 4.8%

Pumpkin Ale (Seasonal)

An Amber ale brewed with real pumpkin.. It is then spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla. It has a real light finish and truly tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass.

ABV 5.9% and 6 IBU

India Pale Ale

A very crisp, clean, medium-bodied, and lightly hopped beer with a complex citrus nose including fresh grapefruit and hint of pine. The IPA is an American version which means it is made of American malt and hops and is hopper than the British version.

ABV 6.3% and 65 IBU

Midnight Train

A dark German style lager also known as a Schwarzbier (Black beer). Medium-light bodied with a dark brown color with ruby highlights. A balanced malt flavor that is roasted yet smooth from the Midnight Wheat used to brew it.

ABV 4.8% and 23 IBU