Downhome Sweetwater Vodka

Downhome Sweetwater Triple Distilled Vodka

Handcrafted from only the finest estate grown grapes, Crown Valley’s Triple Distilled Vodka is made in a custom still and cold filtered.  This premium vodka has a distinct, fresh nose and subtly sweet overtones followed with an ultra-smooth finish.

100 proof

Year Round Spirit

Blackberry Vodka

The nose of our Crown Valley Downhome Blackberry Vodka has fruity, blackberry notes.  This sweet whiskey is great for mixing or can be enjoyed on the rocks.  Perfect for drinking on a hot summer day.

70 proof

Downhome Pink Lemonade

The nose of Crown Valley’s Downhome Lemonade Whiskey is sweet with citrus notes.  This whiskey has a great combination of sweet and tart flavors.  A perfect drink for front porch sippin’.

70 proof

Downhome Pumpkin Cheesecake Vodka

Crown Valley’s Downhome Pumpkin Cheesecake Vodka has hints of warm spice on the nose.  This vodka boasts flavors of cream cheese, pumpkin and spices perfect for dessert.  A great holiday drink.

70 proof