Credit and Minimum Order Delivery Policy


  1. Credit application – processing & terms of sale:
    1. All opening orders will be COD and the account will remain COD until a fully completed credit application is processed and approved.
    2. Terms will not be granted if credit references are not provided on the credit application.
    3. Allow a minimum of 14 business days for the processing of new credit applications.
    4. Credit application processing can begin from a faxed copy, however, the original should be forwarded.
    5. Eagle Lake PREFERS FINTECH payments, please ask sales rep for more information.
  1. Policy on receipt of NSF checks:
    1. All NSF checks will be reinstated and charged a fee of $35.
    2. NSF checks will NOT be re-deposited.
    3. All NSF checks and fees must be paid with cash or certified funds.
    4. A customer is changed to COD cash/certified funds if: two consecutive checks bounce; replacement funds for any NSF including the fee are not received within 2 weeks of notifying sales rep; customer bounces more than 2 checks within their first 12 months of purchasing; customer bounces more than 4 checks total.
  1. General payment rules: Wine, spirit and non-alcoholic invoices are due 30 days from the invoice date. Unless noted otherwise on your invoice. Beer invoices are COD only.
  1. If the delivery driver is picking up payment of a past due amount, in accordance with the State Liquor Control law, the driver will release no merchandise until he has the money in hand.
  1. Customer accounts with balances over 60 days from invoice date will be frozen until cash or certified funds are in the office.
    1. If a customer uses a check to pay a balance that was reported to the state, the release will not be faxed to Liquor Control until the check has cleared (5 business days).
    2. Paying in the form of cash or certified funds will avoid having an order delayed.
  1. Eagle Lake may revoke/revise terms due to poor payment history.
  1. If Eagle Lake agrees to sell to customers who have had balances written off to bad debt after the debt has been satisfied, the terms will be COD cash/certified funds.
  1. No third party checks will be accepted. Customer orders totaling $100 or more will be delivered on an Eagle Lake truck on your scheduled delivery day. 

If a customer’s order totals less than $100, product can be picked up at the Eagle Lake facility or delivered by the sales rep.  Alternatively, your delivery can be moved to a later date to allow time to build your order to the minimum deliverable dollar total of $100.